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1 Oct

Gotta share this post from Life in the day of a runner….Thank you!


The science of happiness

16 Sep

Running…When You Are Sick…ACHOOO!!!!

16 Sep


I woke up with a headache. I had body chills and I figured, “just gimme my coffee and Tylenol and I will be fine.” Then , I started feeling progressively worse. My throat was feeling funny, I felt weak, I lost my appetite, and then, I started sneezing. Oh crap! I’ve got a damn cold! Immediately, I started thinking about all the people who I’ve encountered the past week that were sneezing. I started going through different phases of how I got sick- “did I get sick because I left the window open at night and there was a draft? Was it the lady at the cash registrar that got me sick? I mean, she was sneezing and she touched my hand when she was giving me my change back. No, no, I got sick because I was running outside without a jacket and it was sprinkling” …whatever the reason was, I was sick and miserable.

The hardest part about being sick is knowing whether you are sick enough to stay in bed, or if you can get away with working out for a bit. It’s hard to train when you are sick. I have a freakin marathon coming up and I don’t want to fall behind in training. Ugh!

The general rule for working out when you  are sick is using the “below or above neck” rule: if you feel sick below your neck (chest cold, weak, chills), DON’T RUN! If you feel fine  from neck up, you are ok. Of course, you should slow down your work out.

The most important thing you need to do if you are sick is to take care of it! You’re better off resting so you can run/workout 100% when you’re healthy.

If you decide to work out / run / jog:
Stay hydrated, don’t over do your workout, and slow down.

If you decide NOT to work out:
don’t beat yourself up over it. You will recover in no time. 

So, I guess I will be resting for a couple of days. Stay well, my running peeps!!!

How To Deal With Running In THE HEAT! ACK!!!!

10 Sep

Running is difficult, even if you’ve been doing it for a while, but when you add the heat, it’s easy to dismiss it for another day. I have another half marathon coming up in less than a month in San Jose, California, and it’s going to be my first time running in the 90s for 13.5 miles straight.   😦

Below are some awesome tips for running in the heat:

  1. Always aim to run earlier in the day. Mornings and early evening temperatures are at their lowest for the day. Run in the early morning or early evening when temperatures are at their lowest for the day.
  2. Drink tons of water. Replenish your electrolytes. If your mouth feels dry, you are dehydrated.
  3. Don’t wear heavy clothing. Opt for light clothing and avoid dark colors.
  4. Listen to your body and slow down. Remember, in the heat, you use up more energy and your heart rate increases. It’s okay to slow down and walk. Breathe.
  5. Run in the shade , if possible. If it’s still too hot, run on the dreadmill.

Hope all my running buddies are doing well.



I Ran Another Half Marathon Last Weekend! SF GIANTS HALF..WOOHOO

9 Aug

Giants Medal

Yes, I have another medal to add to my marathon running collection! The SF Giants running event was on August 4, 2013. It was beautiful, cold, and difficult. I did NOT train as much as I should have. Two days before the event, I sprained my ankle. I didn’t want to waste money on the event (and YES, running events are a bit too high) and so I iced and elevated my foot for as long as I could. Oh, what made it even more miserable was on the day of the race, my tummy was acting all weird. BUT, with the encouragement from my friends, I was able to pass through the finish line with flying colors

Took A Break From Running…I Feel Like Crap!

21 Jun


I am a bad bad girl! I took a break from running. Well, a very long break . It’s been two months since I last ran more than 5 miles and I feel bad. What have I been doing all this time? Well, I am busy with school. Now, I am taking two Summer classes : adobe indesign and java programming.

Typical day:

  • 5am – 7am   study
  • 7am-12pm  Java class
  • 1pm-5pm     Indesign class
  • 5pm-8pm     Rest and eat dinner
  • 8pm-10pm   Study

I know there’s  no excuse for me to NOT run. I have been biking. I just got back from Los Angeles and did a good bike ride with the bf. I have a couple of half marathons coming up and I need to start training again. The problem is I would rather put in study time. I didnt lose my total zest for running, thank god. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Running Tip Of The Day (taken from Hal Higdon)

8 Apr


TIP OF THE DAY: You say you can’t afford a health club membership or expensive home weight lifting equipment? If you use Tide liquid detergent, try recycling the 100 fl. oz. containers: brightly orange-colored and with handles you can grab. I have two containers now filled with water. Together they weigh about 14 pounds. Grasping one in each hand, I swing my arms to mimic the running motion. My Tidebells can also be used similar to barbells. Be innovative. You don’t need to be a health club member to do sit-ups and push-ups.

-Hal Higdon

There’s really no reason  or no excuse to not work out.

Im Happy ! I Got A Groupon Deal For Running Gear…SCORE!!!

7 Apr


What I got under $40 (with groupon deal)

*pair of women’s “feetures” socks

*men’s calf sleeves

*Foot rulez ball

*nike men’s lightweight tech running gloves

*the “stick”

When it comes to running, it’s a pretty cheap sport compared to cycling. As you become a more “serious” runner, you tend to buy things catered towards different weather, muscle recovery, buying expensive high quality socks, etc. I bought a groupon deal back in October last year for Fleet Feet , when I first started running.

As a beginning runner, I didnt know what to buy at the store. I’d just browse through the store and  said “eh, i dont need that”. And here I am 6 months later, going back to the same store, buying all sorts of running essentials I  “need”. I felt like I was in the candy store. LOL

I scored big time with purchasing two groupon certificates.

I cant wait for another groupon/living social deal on fitness classes, stores, and running events. Thanks again, Groupon. This running chick is happy!

My Top Ten Reasons Why I Run

7 Apr

Reasons Why I Run

1. It’s a good challenging workout I can do alone

2. I dont need to spend a lot of money (unless I sign up for a marathon..that’s a different story..LOL)

3. I can run any where

4. I can clear my mind

5. it’s my personal time to reflect. When you run a long distance, you think ALOT

6. I always feel good after a run

7.It’s good for my heart

8. Weight loss and muscle definition

9. I can cheat and eat chocolate if I am doing a long endurance run and NOT feel guilty

10. I can run and raise money for a great charity.

Happy Running!

No Run Today…I Feel Like Shhhittttttt…….

6 Apr

I am on this whole running craze and if you’ve been following my blog, you know how hyped up I am about running. Well, today, I didnt run. I had to get my nails and go to a wedding. Shit! Am I insane for feeling like this? the whole time I was at my friend’s wedding, I kept thinking “I could be out running. I could be spending my Saturday doing a half marathon or something.” Is that stupid? Am I being selfish for thinking like that? Of course I am …LOL….guess Ill have to run tomorrow. Ugh, I hate not working out…I feel like doodooo….